The Egg manifesto
The Egg is an outcry against social media. The Egg rejects likes, shares, upvotes, reposts, reblogs, subscribers, followers, and the like. The Egg highlights the meaninglessness and artificiality of these rules, which are no different than those imposed by "The System".
Egg is against media
The Egg urges for innovation. Egging is the act of throwing eggs at people or their swag — not for pure vandalism, but as a form of protest. The protest is always a message about an error in the established system, a message against the ordinary.
Egg is transformation
The Egg discards the elitism of art. The art industry is a money-making machine that by now has nothing to do with art altogether — it's all just media hype and personal brands. The Egg says that anyone can create art, and a crowd can produce an artwork as powerful as than of an individual.
Egg is a protest against conservatism
Innovation is impossible without freedom. The Egg is a symbol of freedom to create new things. Whereas the established societal structures are committed to making people follow the rules they never chose, The Egg reminds that nothing protects the rules from being broken.
Egg is the understanding of freedom
The Egg is a symbol of new life, rebirth and the world itself. You see The Egg and you know that it's a shell, and that something new will come out of it, and you don't know what it is. The Egg suggests a perpetual cycle of life forms: there always will be a new Egg.
Egg is a new life
The Egg symbolizes not only the world itself, but also the potential for hacking it. Hacking the system is an option to explore the restricted side of the world through errors and mistakes; it's a way to understand the essence and get to the internal structure of everything.
Egg is an error
The Egg promotes collaboration and making stuff together — as opposed to individualism and narcissism and the cult of an egocentric maniac. The Egg is the exact opposite of Muskish, Bezosity and Zuckebergness.
Egg is connection
It's not about the egg. It never was about the egg. The Egg is merely a symbol of the movement, but it doesn't matter what a symbol looks like. Which is why it doesn't matter what's in the egg.

It's your choice what to place inside (or outside) the egg.
Egg is you
The Eggists will always remain anonymous. We choose freedom and anonymity over fame and ego. The Eggists feel safe behind a canvas of the painting, as privacy protects creativity in the time when everything and everyone is public.
Egg is anonymous
The Egg is everywhere
A dadaism of the digital age, a protest against the art and media establishment, an outcry against the ordinary, and a faith in a different art.
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